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Stainless Steel Fermenting Tanks for Bourbon Distiller

Their reputation as a major metal fabricator combined with their location in the heart of Bourbon Country, recently brought a large-scale project to GCH International’s shop.

The Louisville-based company fabricated and installed six fermenters for Beam Suntory, the world's third largest premium spirits company. Three fermenting tanks were installed at the distiller’s Booker Noe plant and three at the Clermont plant, both in Kentucky. The 50,000-gallon stainless-steel tanks, which are used in the bourbon fermentation process, are 20 feet in diameter and 30 feet tall. Each weighs in at 22,000 lbs.

Bourbon is made from a grain mixture, or mash bill. After the mash has been cooked and cooled, it is put into a fermenter along with a large amount of yeast. The yeasts convert the sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide while also generating heat. Fermentation usually takes three days. Because the temperature must be controlled, the tanks are water cooled.

One of the main reasons GCH was selected for the project was their turnkey ability and quick turn-around time. With eight shop and field workers dedicated specifically to this project, GCH was able to design, fabricate and install within a 15-week span. , GCH was able to design, fabricate and install within a 15-week span.

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